Orthocurve Pillow (Aeroelastic)

Designed by a physiotherapist.  The Orthocurve helps your neck fit snuggly to the pillow for a good night’s sleep.


Orthocurve Pillow (Aeroelastic)

The Orthocurve is a curved, sloping pillow that fully supports the neck. The pillow allows every neck bone to be supported from the top of the head, down to top of the back, reaching the corner between neck and shoulder.  Orthocurve pillow can be used to support two sleep positions; both back and side sleeping.  There are two levelling pads that can be used to reduce or increase the height of the pillow.  Whichever sleep position you choose, the neck should always maintain a level of 15 degrees.

The Orthocurve has 2 major curves.

  • The higher side for side sleeping
  • The lower side for back sleeping

Orthopads (Levelling pads)

Allows you to adjust the pillow height according to the width of your shoulders. Especially for in a side sleeping position, people with wider shoulders should sleep on a higher pillow.

Materials Used

Memory foam (or viscous foam) is a soft, slow recovery foam that is a supportive material if “softness” in a pillow in preferred.

How is it different from other memory pillows?

Our patented Orthocurve pillows are different in design, shape and curvature than traditional contour pillows.  The orthocurve has two distinguished curves that makes it unique.

Who is Orthocurve suitable for?

Orthocurve pillow is designed to be suitable for everyone.   Whether you are a back or side sleeper.

  • Each Orthocurve aeroelastic pillow comes with 2 Orthopads that allows the height of the pillow to be adjustable.
  • Orthocurve pillows have two curves that are effective in supporting side and back sleeping positions – So you can choose to sleep on the side that suits you best.